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我们的律师明白,大多数征用权案件的核心是财产估价, 从真正的报价开始, 谈判, 必要时进行定罪审判. The eminent domain process usually requires that both sides attempt to value an involuntary property acquisition as if it were a hypothetical voluntary transaction under various, 通常非常微妙, 规则, 法规, 判例法, 以及根据所涉及的程序和管辖权而有很大差异的法律虚构. Condemnation counsel should be intimately familiar with both appraisal methodology and the applicable law to interface between the client, 的评估师, and the courts in order to assure as smooth and predictable an outcome as possible in what can be a very contentious process. The condemning authority must have counsel who are well-versed in these often very obscure issues in order to know how much it has or may have to pay for a particular acquisition or project.


总结一个广义的假设征用权程序相对容易. 谴责当局决定一个项目是必要的, 确定项目所需的属性, 准备收购该物业的报价, 协商这些提议, 如果所有涉及的包裹都不能自愿解决, 然后,那些不能自愿解决的诉讼,以确定公正的赔偿.

知道大致的轮廓可能会有一些帮助,但魔鬼是, 一如既往,这里比大多数人都多, 在细节上. 不同的州和司法管辖区有不同的规则、条例、法规和判例法. 在同一管辖范围内, the nature of the power available and the process for its use can vary dramatically depending on the condemning authority involved. Just because another entity was able to accomplish something in a particular way does not necessarily mean that your entity can do the same. 在维吉尼亚州, 有两种主要的谴责代码, 不包括为某些实体指定的或租船提供的替代程序, while in North Carolina there are at three different main condemnation codes with the particular one you would need to use depending on the type of condemning authority involved. One of the main procedural items to be determined at the outset for any condemnation is whether or not the condemning authority has what is often called “quick take” power, 如果有这种力量, whether it is mandatory or optional and whether you would like to use it or proceed under what is often referred to as a “slow take” procedure. 在非常普遍的意义上, 在快速处理程序下, 谴责当局立即获得该土地的所有权, 通常根据预估的押金进行补偿, 在一个缓慢的过程中, the condemning authority often has to go to trial and have just compensation determined and paid before it can take title to the property. 然而, 使事情复杂化, sometimes there are procedures in the middle where technically the matter is a slow take but immediate possession of the property can be awarded to the condemning authority, 通常基于法院对这种占有动议的裁决.

如果这听起来已经很复杂了,事实的确如此. 这就是我们的切入点. 我们的土地征用权和路权律师每天都在为客户处理这些程序, 并且可以将所有这些归结为你需要知道的东西,以使你的路权项目得到清理和完成. Whether you work for a condemning authority that has cleared innumerable parcels and we come in to provide additional expertise and bench strength to leverage your institutional knowledge, or whether your entity has never condemned a property before and you need help standing up a compliant and efficient condemnation process, 或者介于两者之间, 我们已经做到了, 我可以帮你.


一旦通过了征用权的所有程序障碍, 在土地征用权问题上,人们仍然需要处理复杂的房地产估值问题. 在征用权案件中,通常衡量财产价值的标准是财产的公平市场价值, where fair market value is generally thought of as the price that a willing buyer would pay a willing seller in a voluntary transaction. 估价问题的第一线人员往往是估价师, but appraisers often work across multiple states and may not be up to speed on all the potential legal nuances that may affect appraisals for a particular project or jurisdiction. The condemning authority generally has an appraiser determine an opinion of fair market value that the condemning authority then uses, and appraisers commonly use one or more of the following three methods in arriving at their opinion of fair market value:

Sales comparison approach - this method compares the property being acquired to similar properties that have recently sold in the same area.

成本法-此方法通过确定替换属性的成本来计算属性的价值, 较少的折旧.

Income approach - this method determines the value of the property by analyzing the income generated by the property.

然而, 即使在使用这些标准方法的地方, 使用哪一种, 当, 以及如何成为重大争议和估值差异的基础. Our attorneys are very familiar working with valuation experts to clearly explain these issues to the finder of fact or third party neutral.


征用权案件本质上是双方对对方的财产估值提出质疑. 在征用权案件中,财产所有人通常可以对其财产的最终估值提出质疑. 我们的律师在这类挑战中代表谴责当局有丰富的经验. 我们习惯于帮助选择最好的专家,并与他们合作,把你的情况. Mr. 阿诺德和先生. 格林有超过三十年的外部评估协调经验, 运输, 以及土地征用权诉讼方面的相关专家. Mr. 自加入公司的土地征用权/路权业务小组以来,船体也一直从事这一领域的工作. The attorneys in this 土地征用权/通行权 Practice Group pride themselves on being able to identify and work with the correct experts for each right-of-way matter, 认识到每个属性都是独一无二的, and that specialized subject matter experts in addition to appraisers are often required for particular eminent domain matters.


In eminent domain and property valuation there is a theory that a property may be reduced in value generally by the acquisition of a portion of the property. This is often referred to in some jurisdictions as “severance damages” although in Virginia and North Carolina it is more commonly referred to as damage to the remainder. 类似的, 在弗吉尼亚和北卡罗来纳,商业损失的概念通常被称为“利润损失”.“虽然弗吉尼亚州通过宪法修正案,以法律形式允许这一概念, 北卡罗来纳州通常不会. 当利润损失是定罪案件的一部分时, 它们会让案件变得更加昂贵和复杂. Our attorneys have experience fighting severance damage / damage to the remainder and business loss / lost profits claims.

For many years the attorneys in this practice group have committed themselves to mastering the full spectrum of the right-of-way process, 房产估价是这个过程的核心. We know how to work with appraisers and all of the unique complexities that come with each different parcel and matter. 然而,我们不提供这些给你,以解释我们需要多长时间的工作在一个特定的问题. 我们的“大局”成功是客户满意度,而不是执行任务的数量或收费的时间. We view our role as outside counsel as having two core functions: 1) assisting the client by leveraging the client’s institutional knowledge and our in-depth subject matter experience in certain complex or specialized areas of the law and 2) providing substantial additional depth of exceptional legal services, 对需求. 如果您对您的土地征用权或路权项目的物业估值有任何疑问, 包括但不限于有关遣散费或商业损失的问题, 请随时联系我们的律师,看看我们是否能帮助你.